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Confused by AHPRA Advertising Guidelines?

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My Credible Compliant Copy Checklist is your simple guide to meeting AHPRA Advertising Guidelines,

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AHPRA Compliancy Checklist



What advertising really is


Why there are rules about health advertising


What happens if you break these rules


Types of advertising that are likely to get you in trouble


Words that can be problematic in your advertising


How to make sure your advertising is compliant

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Fantastic AHPRA checklist

Are AHPRA Advertising Guidelines really a big deal?


I know it’s frustrating to be told what you can and can’t say to advertise your business. Especially when you’ve worked so hard to help your patients and get great results for them.

But AHPRA’s intention isn’t to make your life difficult. It’s to protect consumers.

You see, consumers have a right to access information that is accurate and supported by acceptable evidence when making decisions about their healthcare needs.

And while advertising is an important way health practitioners promote their services to the public, it can greatly influence consumer decisions.

(How many times have you bought something based purely on advertising?)

False, misleading and deceptive health claims prevent consumers from making informed decisions about their health and may influence them into signing up for treatments that are unnecessary or even harmful to them.

This is why AHPRA’s Advertising Guidelines exist.

And it’s why health practitioners can get into trouble for not complying with them.


All health practitioners must now sign a declaration stating that their advertising is AHPRA compliant, upon renewal of their registration.

That means any kind of communication used to advertise a health service (e.g. website, ads, emails, brochures, social media posts, etc.) must comply with AHPRA Advertising Guidelines.

And if your copy doesn’t comply, you’re at risk of a significant fine or potential restriction of your ability to practice.

Don’t get caught out.

Grab my FREE Credible Compliant Copy Checklist and learn how to create powerful, but compliant copy every time.


Nerissa Bentley - experienced health and medical writer

Meet Nerissa

Nerissa Bentley is The Melbourne Health Writer – a leading Australian health and medical writer.

She works with peak bodies, national organisations, and global companies. She also works with small and medium-sized businesses to create credible, evidence-based based health content that’s easy to understand.

Some of the organisations she’s worked with include the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP), Macular Disease Foundation Australia, Bupa, Cancer Australia, Fitness Australia, and TerryWhite Chemmart.

With over 10 years of experience writing health and medical content, Nerissa understands how to write copy that is compliant with AHPRA guidelines AND connects with patients and the wider community.


What they say

“Knowledgeable AHPRA compliance specialist.”

We hired Nerissa to help our writing team gain a better knowledge of crafting web copy for Australian healthcare clients that doesn’t violate rules or regulations put forth by AHPRA.

She provided us with a compliance manual that was not only well-crafted and thoughtful but continues to help us provide better content for our own clients while staying within the rules and guidelines of AHPRA.

Nerissa was easy and prompt to work with, and even let us review a draft of the material for any requests we wanted her to go into greater detail on. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone in need of a knowledgeable AHPRA compliance specialist!


Julie Watts

Director Design, Development and Digital Operations, Vortala

“Nerissa has a great understanding of AHPRA regulations.”

Working with The Melbourne Health Writer has been a real pleasure. Nerissa has a great understanding of AHPRA regulations and is extremely thorough in the way that she reviews content. Communication was excellent and I will have no hesitation in using Nerissa’s services again in the future.

Simon Nawrocki

Director/Osteopath, Focus Osteopathy

“Thanks so much for creating this excellent resource!”

Your checklist is fantastic! It’s given me clear and easy-to-understand information about what we should and shouldn’t include in health-related copy and a better understanding of AHPRA’s main areas of concern.

Joh Kohler

Copywriter & Marketing Strategist, Compelling Copy