How to become a health and medical copywriter

If you’ve landed here, you probably want to know more about how to become a health and medical copywriter, and more importantly, how you can build a successful business in this industry.

Here are the most commonly asked questions I get about health and medical copywriting.

What kind of work does a health and medical copywriter do?

Health and medical copywriters can write all kinds of copy from websites and blogs, right through to patient resources, and even white papers. You can read more about that here.

Can you make a good living writing health and medical copy?

Yes, you can. But it takes time to become a health and medical writer with a good reputation and solid skills. Health and medical copywriters are specialist writers, and therefore have specialist skills, particularly around research, referencing and writing for consumers. For tips on how to write good health copy, read my post.

Do I need health qualifications to become a health and medical copywriter?

Generally, no. However, some organisations will require you to have health and medical qualifications, particularly if they want you to write more technical and clinical medical information. Find out more about it here.

How do you conduct your research when writing health copy?

Research and referencing is a skill you need to develop if you want to succeed as a health writer. You can read my guest blog post on the Clever Copywriting School, on this subject.

How did you get started? Do you have any tips?

I had a very humble start in the field of health and medical copywriting. You can read about my journey here. As for tips, the biggest piece of advice is to start writing. Working with agencies is a great way to get experience as you build your experience and portfolio.

You might also want to listen to this edition of The Hot Copy Podcast where I talk about all things health and medical writing.

Can you suggest any agencies who may be able to help me?

No. All agencies are different. My advice is to look up digital agencies and find out what kind of clients they have. This will give you some clues as to whether they are the agency for you.

Can I work for you?

No. I write all my own content and if I need help, I have a large network of other experienced copywriters I can call on.

Can you refer work to me?

No. It has taken a long time to build up my reputation as one of Australia’s best and most-reliable health writers. Because of this, I don’t refer work to anyone I don’t know.

Can you recommend any copywriting courses?

I highly recommend joining The Clever Copywriting School to hone your processes and skills as you build your copywriting business. It has been instrumental in helping me build my business. You can find out more by following this link.

For health writing courses, I recommend two run by Michelle Guillemard at the Health Writer Hub. The first is How to Become a Freelance Health Writer. The second is Breaking into Health Writing. Please note that both these are affiliate links so I will receive a small bonus for referring you if you decide to sign up.

Can I talk to you about health writing?

Yes, but you will need to pay for this time. As you can appreciate, I get lots of requests from other copywriters about working as a health and medical copywriter and I just can’t answer all of them. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why I put this FAQ list together. However,  if you’re serious about chatting to me, you can book a 30-minute or 60-minute Coaching Call with me. Book yours here.

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