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Business overhaul - Imani Tribe

The client:

Imani Tribe is a boutique Body & Lifestyle Transformation Studio in outer-east Melbourne.

The brief:

Initially, I was engaged to write a series of onboarding emails. Imani Fitness was so impressed, they engaged me to write content for further email campaigns, an online course, 3 sales landing pages, and to audit and rewrite their entire website.

The previous website was not optimised for SEO keywords, had no meta data, had lots of duplicate content, contained large chunks of text with no headings, contained old content, and was not broken up into sizeable, digestible pieces of information. The architecture of the site was confusing as well.

The outcome:

Email campaigns: These have been tailored to their target audience and the ‘click’ and ‘open’ rate has significantly.

Sales landing pages: The first sales landing page (written to target their niche market) landed Imani Fitness, almost 200 new, pre-qualified leads to them in less than a month.

Online course: Almost 200 people in their target audience downloaded this course in just over a month. This course is a key marketing strategy in their client acquisition.

Website: After conducting keyword research, I wrote new copy that was optimised for SEO keywords. Meta titles, descriptions and tags were also written. All duplicate content has been removed, and there are now clear calls to action. After providing the web designer with suggestions on how to improve the design and flow of the site, the structure of the site was adjusted. The result is a website that is easy to navigate, easy to read and is optimised for SEO.

I am now working with them on an ongoing basis and continuing to write new email campaigns, as well as blog posts.

"We are delighted with Nerissa's copy which conveys the essence of our brand."

We have just developed a new website from scratch, and Nerissa worked very closely with our business and web development teams to produce the content.

Nerissa took the time to understand our brand properly and what we were aiming to convey through several phone calls and by reading material we provided.

Nerissa was professional, efficient and understood exactly what we required.

Nerissa met all the deadlines and was very responsive in turning the draft into the final document.

She was able to bring our ideas to life and clearly convey some difficult concepts.

Nerissa is very bright, business-savvy and quick at coming up with content solutions.

She was also flexible in terms of writing extra copy which we had not initially asked for.

We were delighted with Nerissa’s copy - which conveys the essence of our brand very well - and I would recommend her highly.

Ronnie Oliech

Director, Imani Tribe

Health and medical writing

 The client:

The Mandarin — Australia’s #1 publication for key decision makers in the public sector. Target audience was public sector leaders, senior executives and public administration professionals.

The brief:

To write a well-researched, thought provoking piece on immunotherapy cancer treatments. The brief was to examine the current landscape of subsidised immunotherapy treatment across Europe (in particular Denmark, Belgium, and The Netherlands), in an effort to highlight that making these cancer therapies more affordable for the average Australian is possible.

The outcome:

A well-written, well-received article (Immunotherapy cancer treatments: the European perspective) that required very minimal edits. It was used to help promote a seminar aimed at discussing access to the new wave of cancer treatments, and I was commissioned to write a follow-up article.

"Conducts the necessary research to provide an unbiased, evidence-based view."

I find Nerissa easy to work with. Her writing is delivered on time and she will follow up if she requires clarification or has any concerns. Nerissa has an open mind and is willing to conduct the necessary research to provide an unbiased, evidence based view on the wellness topic of my choice. She makes sure the content and quality of her writing always aligns to my brand.

Kim Elkovich

Director, A Higher Self Consultancy Pty Ltd

Credible research

 The client:

Fitness Australia is a not-for-profit industry association, that exists to professionalise the fitness industry through engaging in partnerships, advocacy, delivering education, quality and accreditation.

The brief:

To write an article steeped in research, to explore the social and psychological barriers for obese individuals participating in physical activity. The brief involved sourcing and reading through several research studies into obesity, as well as interviewing two industry experts.

The outcome:

A 1000+ word article (The weight loss dilemma) published in Fitness Australia’s peer-reviewed e-journal, Powered. There were minimal edits to this piece and I was commissioned to write a total of 5 articles for this publication, all of which involved extensive research and interviews with industry experts.

"Very responsive, always follows the brief and conducts thorough research."

Nerissa has been an integral part of the Newsmodo freelance database. Her expertise spans across a number of industries, catering to clients of all scales and varieties. She always follows the brief, researches thoroughly and is very responsive to hands-on projects where communication is vital.

Cassie McBlane

Managing Editor, Newsmodo

SEO Web copy

 The client:

Consentic is an online platform of comprehensive, medicolegally reviewed, and patient-tested video animations that assist informed medical and dental consent. It was developed by two Australian doctors.

The brief:

An initial request to review current web copy for a medical start-up evolved into a project which included writing Tone of Voice Guidelines, conducting keyword research, and writing brand new copy for Consentic’s web site.

The outcome:

Both CEOs of the company were delighted with the end result. They now have a document which captures their branding, customer avatars and tone of voice, along with a website that is SEO-optimised for relevant keywords. 

"Professional, efficient and highly skilled. Highly recommended."

We recently engaged Nerissa Bentley to assist with rewriting the content for our website. We chose Nerissa because of her experience in health, her prompt response to queries and excellent communication. We found working with Nerissa to be a great experience, she is professional, efficient and highly skilled at what she does. Nerissa is an excellent copywriter who we recommend highly.

Dr Julia Rhodes

CEO, Consentic

SEO Blog copy

 The client: Bupa

Bupa is a health and care company committed to helping customers live longer, healthier, happier lives. They offer a broad range of services, including aged care and retirement, dental, optical, health insurance, and community wellbeing initiatives, to improve the health of all Australians.

The brief:

To produce a series of highly-engaging, customer-focused blogs to appear on the website and in member newsletters and email campaigns. Some blogs required me to interview industry experts including dietitians and optometrists.

The outcome:

I wrote a total of 63 blog posts on a variety of general health topics ranging from infertility, exercise, weight loss, parenting, dental health and other general health conditions. Blogs appeared online and as part of their direct email campaigns.


"Very easy to work with, with minimal changes to copy. Would highly recommend her."

We were referred to Nerissa so our initial discussion focused on our needs and how she might be able to assist. As we were new to blogging and using social media, Nerissa was really helpful in giving us choice on the types of blogs she could write. She also gave us the confidence that she could help us with SEO. Nerissa will take on the suggested subject matter, go away and do some research and then throw around ideas as to how best to position the message we wish to convey. We have completed a number of blogs and on all occasions, Nerissa has been very easy to work with minimal changes required to copy. Would highly recommend her.

Sharon Mackie Goh

Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Your New Gig

Tone of Voice Guidelines

 The client: Life Changing Beds

Life Changing Beds is Melbourne's leading supplier of custom-made adjustable, electronic beds.

The brief:

A leading therapeutic bedding company underwent a re-brand and as part of the process, I wrote their Tone of Voice document. The document aimed to put into writing the company’s vision and mission, voice guidelines, brand principles and personality, customer avatars and style guide.

The outcome:

Life Changing Beds were delighted with the end result and have found it instrumental in helping them re-brand their business. They passed it onto their web designers who also found it extremely useful when developing and designing the new website.


"My content is everything I hoped for."

I am so grateful I found Nerissa. She was so wonderful to work with. I was a complete rookie and Nerissa was really kind and made every step of the way easy, clear and productive. I am so happy with my content it is everything and more I hoped for. Would highly recommend!

Sarah Hamilton

Doula, Sarah Hamilton Birth & Postpartum Support

Patient Resources

 The client: Metro Pain Group

Metro Pain Group are global leaders in the field of chronic pain management.

The brief:

Metro Pain Group wanted to create a series of fact sheets on a range of complex pain conditions, treatments and procedures, that could be provided to patients in order for them to better understand their condition and how to manage it. The fact sheets had to contain clinically correct information, yet be written in a way that a person with no medical knowledge could understand.

The outcome:

Around 20 different patient fact sheets were delivered, including a fact sheet on the use of medicinal cannabis for treating and managing pain. Feedback is that these patient fact sheets have helped patients and staff to develop a deeper understanding of the various pain conditions and what is involved in the procedures.


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“An absolute pleasure to deal with.”

I recently engaged Nerissa Bentley for content writing services on behalf of one of my clients in the health industry. Nerissa delivered a well researched, high quality article to us on time and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend her services and look forward to commissioning her for more work in the future.

Melissa Black

Content Marketing Coordinator, Reload Media

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