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Need an experienced health and medical writer to produce your next lot of health content?

I can help you with SEO optimised blogs or web copy, well-researched and credible health and medical articles, patient information sheets, health content planning or business branding for health organisations.

But don’t just take my word for it. Have a look at some of my copywriting samples.


Health and medical writing

Australian health writer

Immunotherapy cancer treatments: the European perspective, published in The Mandarin, 10 October 2018

health and medical writer

Laser eye surgery – what you need to know, NewVision Clinics

Blog writing


Over-the-counter pain medication: everything you need to know, Bupa, October 2016


health blog writer

What does your family medical tree look like?, Defence Health, July 2017


health blog writer in Australia

How does climate change affect life’s luxuries?, The Clean Collective, April 2019

Web Copy

Sarah Hamilton Birth and Postpartum Support

Sarah Hamilton Birth and Postpartum Support

SEO Webcopy for health business


Online Magazine

Australian health and medical writer

Closing the GapPowered, Fitness Australia, Spring 2014


Australian health writer

Male incontinencePowered, Fitness Australia, Spring 2015


Victorian Government Public Health Sector

Reliable health writer

Engaging consumers in improvement and innovation, Better Care Victoria


health copywriting

Impact and outcomes of the collaborative model, Better Care Victoria



health writer

Healthy skin is beautiful skin, Hi Vita


health and medical writer

The natural anti-ageing secret, Hi Vita

“A fabulous wordsmith who has the power to craft an enthusiastic and compelling story.”

Nerissa’s writing is second to none! She’s a fabulous wordsmith who has the power to craft an enthusiastic and compelling story, communicating complex health and environmental issues in a way that’s not only easy to understand but also creates a moving and motivating experience for the reader.

Nerissa has been contributing to our blog for some time and we’re absolutely thrilled to share her voice with our community. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Charlie Thompson

Co-Founder and CEO, The Clean Collective

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