COVID-19 Care Package

Helping you future-proof your health practice

Concerned about the future of your health practice?

Worried about the downturn in patients as a result of COVID-19

Wondering what you can do to build a thriving, busy practice when the pandemic ends?



Then you need the COVID-19 Care Package.

A package that will help you:

  • communicate more effectively
  • connect with your ideal patients
  • build a thriving health practice. 



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I'm Nerissa Bentley

I'm a health communications specialist and I've helped many health institutions, national brands and medical organisations develop credible, thoroughly-researched, easy-to-understand health content. Now I'm ready to help you.

Tone of Voice Guide

3 pages web copy

Keyword research

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I know that right now, you’re under a great deal of stress.

You’re learning how to navigate telehealth, while trying to deliver quality patient care.

You’re noticing fewer patients coming to see you and wonder whether your practice can continue to take this financial hit.

You’re worrying about your risk of contracting coronavirus and the chances of transmitting it to your family and loved ones.

COVID-19 Care Package for health and medical businesses

You know that social distancing measures are necessary, but wonder how much longer your practice can stay open under current circumstances.

And you’re busy trying to work out what government subsidy (if any) you may be eligible for.

If only there was something you could do to make things better. Well, there is.



What’s included?



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Tone of Voice Guide

3 pages web copy

Keyword research

Prepare your practice for life after the pandemic with my COVID-19 Care Package


My COVID-19 Care Package will help prepare your practice for life after the pandemic, so you can get back to normal — a better, more profitable normal — quickly.

This package will help you to:

  • consolidate and strengthen your brand
  • communicate more effectively and creatively
  • connect with more patients
  • create greater trust with existing patients
  • build a thriving health practice


Tone of Voice business branding

Tone of Voice Guidelines

All successful businesses have Tone of Voice (TOV) guidelines.

Every time you communicate with your clients or patients is an opportunity to express your business’s principles and personality. But unless you know what that is, how can you express it?

What is a TOV?

TOV guidelines:

  • capture what your business stands for, so that anyone representing your business knows how to communicate in a way that promotes your brand — whether it’s a fellow health professional, receptionist, delivery driver, or web designer.
  • ensure greater clarity and consistency to your messages, so your patients understand who you are, what you stand for, and how you care for them.
  • build trust in your brand.
  • help you to define who your patients are. When you truly know your target audience, you can continue to develop and provide services they need, in order for them to continue coming back to you. You can also easily craft messages — whether the be emails, blogs or even web copy — that speak to them, and attract new patients to your business.

How does it work?

Through a collaborative effort, including a one-on-one briefing call with me, we’ll get to the heart of your business to develop a comprehensive document that includes:

  • a positioning statement
  • your vision/mission
  • your brand
  • features and benefits
  • analysis of up to 3 competitors
  • voice guidelines
  • your brand principles
  • your brand personality
  • customer avatars
  • Style Guide
  • PLUS bonus ‘Writing Checklist’.

Why do you need one?

Your TOV document will be the ONE thing that you’ll come back to over and over again, that will ensure your messaging is clear, and your brand is consistent is everything you do. It will help you to:

  • write blogs, health copy and patient resources that will strengthen your brand
  • produce regular emails for your clients and patients
  • re-structure your website so your customers can find what they need quickly
  • write web copy that climbs the ranks of Google.

"Professional, efficient and highly skilled. Highly recommended."

We recently engaged Nerissa Bentley to assist with rewriting the content for our website. We chose Nerissa because of her experience in health, her prompt response to queries and excellent communication. We found working with Nerissa to be a great experience, she is professional, efficient and highly skilled at what she does. Nerissa is an excellent copywriter who we recommend highly.

Dr Julia Rhodes

CEO, Consentic


SEO web copy writer

3 pages of web copy

Speaking of web copy…

My COVID-19 Care Package also includes 3 pages of SEO-optimised web copy so your ideal clients can find you on Google.

Choose any 3 pages on your website — even those tricky ones — and I will write them for you. You’ll get:

  • one-on-one briefing time (up to 60 minutes — either by Skype, phone or email)
  • research relating to your industry and competitors
  • advice on how to structure your site, if I think you need it
  • 400-600 words of SEO-optimised copy, per page
  • meta tags and descriptions (a vital part of website SEO)
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • 1 round of proofreading.
  • PLUS bonus keyword research for these pages.

Copy is provided in a Copy Deck format which can be sent directly to your web developer.

Remember, these web pages can be ANY you choose. Whatever pages you need the most help with, this package will help you with them.

Using your TOV document, I’ll write copy that will speak to your patients and Google. In other words, I’ll write the copy that will help you climb the Google rankings, and attract new clients to your business.

“Fantastic to work with.”

Nerissa was fantastic to work with. I felt reassured from our initial conversation that she was going to produce the copy I wanted. I loved how she did SEO alongside my copy. She is an all-in-one-package. Thanks so much Nerissa!

Dr Zoe King

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nourish Yin


Credible health research

Keyword research

Your SEO strategy won’t work unless you’re targeting the right words. I conduct the necessary research to determine which keywords or phrases will help you rank in Google. You’ll get:


  • recommended keywords or phrases to target for each page of web copy we write
  • details of current search volume for each keyword
  • how easy it will be to rank for these keywords or phrases
  • which website currently ranks #1 for each keyword or phrase.

“Simply amazing! A true professional.”

Nerissa from the Melbourne Health Writer has been simply AMAZING!

I have worked with other copywriters before, but Nerissa has shown true professionalism on my project. I could tell that she took the time to understand my business and the business needs.

Nerissa is now considered part of our team and I look forward to working with her in the years to come.

Alex Fisher

Naturopath and Founder, AF Health



This package is valued at $3,272 (+GST)

but until 30 June 2020 it’s just $2,687 (+GST) 

That’s right, you 



But there are limited spots. 

So, if you want to book your spot before they all go, hit the button below. 

“My content is everything I hoped for.”

I am so grateful I found Nerissa. She was so wonderful to work with. I was a complete rookie and Nerissa was really kind and made every step of the way easy, clear and productive. I am so happy with my content it is everything and more I hoped for. Would highly recommend!

Sarah Hamilton

Doula, Sarah Hamilton Birth & Postpartum Support

It’s my way To say “thanks”

I know that health and medical businesses are working hard, really hard right now — in very difficult circumstances.

And while I can’t help you with all the problems you’re currently facing, I believe I can help take the pressure off, and help you prepare for when this is all over.

So your business can be stronger, and better positioned when you come out on the other side.

It’s my way to say “thanks” for all that you’re doing for our community right now.

So if you’d like to prepare for life and business post-coronavirus, contact me NOW and book your spot in my schedule.

For just $2,687 (+GST) you get

Tone of Voice Guide

3 pages web copy

Keyword research

But only while spots last, and only until 30 June 2020.

Contact me now to secure your COVID-19 Care Package, and let me help you future-proof your business.

“We are delighted with Nerissa’s copy which conveys the essence of our brand.”

We have just developed a new website from scratch, and Nerissa worked very closely with our business and web development teams to produce the content.

Nerissa took the time to understand our brand properly and what we were aiming to convey through several phone calls and by reading material we provided.

Nerissa was professional, efficient and understood exactly what we required.

Nerissa met all the deadlines and was very responsive in turning the draft into the final document.

She was able to bring our ideas to life and clearly convey some difficult concepts.

Nerissa is very bright, business-savvy and quick at coming up with content solutions.

She was also flexible in terms of writing extra copy which we had not initially asked for.

We were delighted with Nerissa’s copy – which conveys the essence of our brand very well – and I would recommend her highly.

Ronnie Oliech

Director, Imani Tribe