AHPRA advertising guidelines workshop

A FREE online AHPRA advertising guidelines workshop

Let me help you crack the code of compliant copy


Finally get your head around AHPRA advertising guidelines so you can create copy that
complies and connects with your ideal patients.

FREE hour AHPRA workshop

Full learning session

This is a solid 45-minute learning workshop, followed by 15 minutes of live Q&A

What needs to comply with AHPRA advertising guidelines

What is advertising?

Understand what kind of marketing needs to comply with the advertising guidelines

Patient testimonials and AHPRA advertising guidelines

Patient testimonials

Learn the simple test to determine if you can use a patient testimonial, plus tips to get patient reviews you can publish

Common problems in health advertising

Common mistakes

Discover the most common problems in advertising and how to avoid them

What to do if you breach AHPRA advertising

Non-compliant copy

Know exactly what to do if you breach AHPRA advertising guidelines. (Spoiler alert: Don’t panic!)

Digital agencies and AHPRA guidelines

Working with agencies

Does your digital marketer really understand the advertising guidelines? Questions to ask

Get an AHPRA Whiz in your corner

I’m Nerissa Bentley, an award-winning health and medical writer and AHPRA compliance whiz.

I have worked with countless Australian health practitioners to create Google-friendly, AHPRA-compliant copy that connects with their ideal patients and promotes them as the trusted health authority in their field.

I’ve also audited dozens and dozens of websites to ensure that they comply with AHPRA advertising guidelines.

And I’ve saved my clients millions of dollars in fines associated with non-compliance and protected their professional reputation as well.

I just don’t talk about AHPRA advertising guidelines

I work alongside hard-working Australian health practitioners to help them grow their practice ethically, and compliantly.

Come along to my FREE online AHPRA advertising guidelines workshop where I’ll unpack what these guidelines really mean for your practice.

Nerissa Bentley AHPRA compliance specialist