Credible research

Let’s be honest — a lot of health information doing the rounds isn’t correct.

Wellness warriors, self-professed health bloggers, and salespeople trying to sell the latest fad diet or exercise equipment will make all sorts of claims, many of which are simply not true.

I take a different approach.

I understand that people seeking health information may feel vulnerable, afraid or concerned. I ensure that health content I deliver is accurate, up-to-date and draws upon the latest peer-reviewed research.

I’m also great at taking complex medical information and translating it into content that the average person can understand.

I don’t bang out content to meet deadlines and word counts.

I take the time to fully research and understand your health topic, and then write your health message, using evidence-based and best-practice information.

While I write for the end-consumer, my content is thoroughly researched and always supported by credible resources and the newest scientific studies.

All in all, I write to educate, inform and empower your clients.

If you need a reliable copywriter who will be diligent in researching your health content, what are you waiting for?

“Conducts the necessary research to provide an unbiased, evidence-based view.”

I find Nerissa easy to work with. Her writing is delivered on time and she will follow up if she requires clarification or has any concerns. Nerissa has an open mind and is willing to conduct the necessary research to provide an unbiased, evidence based view on the wellness topic of my choice. She makes sure the content and quality of her writing always aligns to my brand.

Kim Elkovich

Director, A Higher Self Consultancy Pty Ltd

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I'm a health communications specialist and I've helped many health institutions, national brands and medical organisations develop credible, thoroughly-researched, easy-to-understand health content. Now I'm ready to help you.

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