You’ve had a look around and you like what you see. (Thanks!)

But you’ve probably got some questions, yes?

That’s cool. Most people do. So I’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions.

What unique skills do you have, that I can't get with an ordinary copywriter?

As a health writer, I have developed very specific skills, which include:

  • a sound knowledge of the health and wellness industry, and what common health concerns Australians are facing

  • knowing how to write for the health and wellness industry

  • writing to empower health change

  • re-writing complex information so the average person can understand it

  • an ability to read scientific studies and interpret the information

  • highly developed research skills.

Where do you source your information?
Glad you asked, because there is a lot of incorrect and misleading health information out there! I source my information for health content from scientific studies, key health bodies, and reputable institutions and organisations, including the World Health Organisation.
Do you provide references?
Absolutely! All health content comes with a list of credible references.
How much do you charge?

Well, that depends on what you want. Because each project is different, there is no one-size-fits-all quote. The best way to determine how much your job will cost is for us to sit down and have a chat about your needs. However, the quote will be based upon:

  • the size of the project

  • the degree of background research required

  • the quantity and quality of background information supplied

  • the number and length of meetings required

  • the expected number of amends.

The minimum project fee is $350

Will I receive a quote for my job?
Of course! Prior to any work commencing a quote will be provided to you, outlining the scope and terms of the project.
Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes! I request 50% of the total fee upfront, which is standard industry procedure. Balance of payment is due 14 days after delivery of the first draft of your copy.
Are there other terms and conditions I should be aware of?
Yes, my full terms and conditions are available. They will also be sent to you with your quote.
Do you offer discounts for multiple projects?
Yes! Just mention you want to engage me for multiple projects and I will work out a special price. I also offer package deals for health blogging and websites.
Do you write other content besides health and medical?
Yes! While I specialise in health writing, I also write for a range of other industries and business sectors. I can write copy for newsletters and brochures, reports and press releases.
Can we meet face-to-face?
Not usually. Most client briefings can be done via the phone, email or Skype. However, if you really wish to meet in person, it will incur an extra fee.
If we were to meet in a cafe, would you drink tea or coffee?
Thanks for asking! Definitely coffee, particularly when I am working. Although I do enjoy green tea and peppermint tea as well.
Got a question that’s not on this list? No problems. Just contact me with your question and I will get back to you!

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