Patient resources

Are you looking for ways to stay relevant and competitive in the healthcare industry?

Today healthcare providers not only need to offer excellent patient care, but a positive customer experience as well.

Patients now expect high-quality healthcare teamed with exceptional customer service. They want to feel that you’re genuinely interested in their overall health and wellbeing, and they’re not just another ‘number in the system’.

Patient resources, such as patient handbooks, fact sheets, brochures and regular emails can help you foster those patient relationships. And improved patient experience means a better client retention rate and a more successful business.


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I can produce:

  • Patient handbooks — important information about your practice, which means less time on the phone answering the same old questions.
  • Fact sheets — information on conditions, treatments and services.
  • Appointment follow-up leaflets — key information following common patient procedures.
  • Newsletter content — regular articles about current health issues, trends and research.
  • Email content — so you can stay in touch with your clients while offering them valuable health information.


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I'm Nerissa Bentley

I'm a health communications specialist and I've helped many small businesses, health institutions and national brands develop credible, thoroughly-researched, easy-to-understand health content. Now I'm ready to help you.

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