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One of the biggest questions you'll have about hiring a copywriter is 'what will it cost?' Click To Tweet

You’ve made the decision to hire a copywriter. So now you want to know about copywriter fees. Right?

Fair question. We all want to know what something’s going to cost us, before we make a purchase.

Unfortunately, when it comes to copywriter fees, there’s no hard and fast rules. Unlike other professions (think medical), there aren’t scheduled or set fees associated with copywriting; which means writers are free to charge whatever they like.

Makes it kind of hard then, to get a gauge on cost, doesn’t it?

However, I’m here to make it easier for you to navigate the choppy waters of copywriter fees.

When hiring a copywriter, don't base your decision on fee alone. Low rates often equate to low quality. Click To Tweet

You get what you pay for

Like anything, you generally get what you pay for. If you’re only willing to pay a small amount for your copywriter, you’re not likely to get what you’re hoping for. The copywriter you choose probably won’t take the time to understand your brief, or do the necessary research in order to deliver you great copy.

On the flip side, just because someone charges you exorbitant amounts of cash, doesn’t mean you’re getting top-shelf service either. So be wary of thinking that higher fees automatically equate to higher quality. It’s not always the case.

Copywriter fees are based on a number of factors

Copywriter fees are based on a number of different criteria.


The longer your copywriter has been writing, the more they can charge. If they have continued to invest in their careers, and undertaken professional development, or have a swag of formal qualifications under their belt, they can also charge more.

Their niche:

It’s not uncommon for niche copywriters to charge more. For example, copywriters who are well-versed in law or finance may charge more, than someone who doesn’t bring that skillset to the table. Of course, it’s only relevant if the copy requires this type of expertise. Similarly, a health or medical writer may charge more for their services, because of their specialty knowledge.

Scope of the job:

What you want your copywriter to do will be reflected in their charges. For example, it’s cheaper to hire a copywriter for proofreading or editing, than it is for copywriting. If you want them to take SEO into account, expect to pay more. If you require them to undertake significant research for your project, they will charge for that as well.

Cost of running a business:

Don’t forget that many copywriters run their own business. That means, their fees need to cover the expenses of running that business. These expenses will obviously include the cost of setting up and maintaining some kind of office (including equipment and utilities). Some copywriters will charge fees to attend meetings (especially if there is significant travel time involved). And, don’t forget, small business owners are responsible for their own superannuation, sick leave, holiday leave and liability insurance — all which need to be covered by the fees that they charge.

How do I charge?

Some copywriters will charge you by project, by the hour, or by word. I charge you by project. The fee that I charge will be based on the amount of work involved, how long the job is likely to take, how many rounds of revisions are required, what type of research is necessary, etc., and all the variables mentioned above.

What are the recommended rates?

The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) have put out a guide titled Recommended Freelance Charge-out Rates.

If you want to look at hourly rates for copywriters, then The Clever Copywriting School, has developed recommended rates, in consultation with copywriters around Australia.

Don’t base your decision upon price alone

One final piece of advice when engaging a copywriter, is to consider more than the financial cost when making your decision. Other key questions to answer include:

  • Do you feel comfortable with them?
  • Have they understood your needs?
  • Do they seem experienced enough to deliver what you need?
  • Do they like to work to a client brief?
  • Do they have samples of work to show you?
  • Will they provide research and references as required?
  • Are they credible? Do they have a track record of happy clients?
  • Do they seem professional?

If you’d like further tips on how to spot a good copywriter, you can read a previous blog post here.

Navigating the ins and outs of copywriter fees be tricky, but at the end of the day, your gut (and your budget) will tell you if the copywriter you’ve been talking to is the right one for you.

Navigating the ins and outs of copywriter fees be tricky, but your gut (and budget) will tell you which copywriter is the one for you. Click To Tweet

If you’re looking for someone to take the headache out of copywriting for your business, shoot me an email. I’d love to have a chat.


NOTE: If you’re a copywriter trying to establish what you should charge for your services, you may be interested in The Clever Copywriting School’s How to Price Your Copywriting Course.

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