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Do you want to improve your writing?

Most people do.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to impress and sound clever, many people pad out their copy with unnecessary words, or use complicated ones instead of simpler language.

Your copy should be easy-to-read, and have a clear message. Your reader (think potential customer), shouldn’t have to work hard to understand what you’re saying. The clearer your message, the more likely you are to turn that potential customer, into a paying one.

Often the best way to improve your writing is to use contractions. They are (or they're) less formal and easier to read. Click To Tweet

Here are some tips to improve your writing.

1. Use contractions

Contractions are less formal and easier to read.

…you get the idea.

2. Avoid complicated words when simple ones will do

3. Avoid clichés

Clichés used to paint vivid pictures. But they’ve been so overused, that most of us skim over the words, and their impact is lost.

Avoid cliches and complicated words if you want to strengthen your copy. Click To Tweet

4. Avoid wordy phrases

Wordy phrases may look good on the page (or screen), but when you read them out loud, they can sound a little ridiculous and clunky. Keep it simple.

5. Avoid redundant words

Sometimes we can get caught up in our own writing that we don’t notice we’re repeating ourselves. Watch for redundant words in your copy.

Wordy phrases and redundant words can make your copy look sloppy! Keep the language simple for maximum effect. Click To Tweet

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas on how to improve your writing and avoid the wordy, clunky and cliché-ridden copy that is so easy to write.

If you’re still having trouble and would like some help, please contact me.


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