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Christmas is almost upon us again, and you’re probably scrambling for gifts for a plethora of people. But you’re short on ‘gifts for writers’ ideas, right?

Before you reach for the trusty notebook and pen-set you were planning to buy, you might just want to read this post first.

You see, most of us are a bit sick of getting pens and paper for presents. Don’t get me wrong, we writer-folk are very grateful for any gift, but most of us are much too polite to say anything.

Instead, you’ll see us smiling and saying something like: “You can never have too many pens” or “Oh, what pretty paper”, while we’re quietly wondering if there is any more room in the third drawer of our desk to add your gift to the other notebooks that have been languishing there for a year or two.

Would you give a mop to a cleaner? Or a hammer to a handyman?

No. So don’t be surprised that we feel the same about being given ‘tools of the trade’ as gifts.

But don’t despair! I’ve put together a list of really, super-cool writer gift ideas that any writer would love.

1. A new mug:

We writers are always drinking coffee or tea, so brand-new LARGE mug is the perfect gift idea. There are so many suited to writers — mugs with grammar rules, mugs for fiction writers and even mugs with quotes from your writer’s favourite authors. You could even throw in a packet of tea of coffee as a bonus!

2. Grammar pencils:

I know I said we don’t want tools of the trade, but grammar nerds (like me) will actually be delighted to receive a gift like this.

3. Oil diffuser and oils:

Sometimes it’s hard to get in the right mood for writing. When deadlines are pressing but focus is lacking, diffusing a blend of oils that to aid concentration can really make a difference. At the very least, it will make our office smell nice.

4. A book voucher:

You might feel this is a lazy-man’s (or woman’s) gift idea, but writers love book vouchers! Most of us have a wish-list of books, and most of us love browsing through a book shop. So, this gift is actually two-in-one. We get to browse through a bookshop AND buy a book or two!

5. Hand care:

Writers spend hours a day tapping at their keyboards, so a lovely manicure, or a moisturising hand cream would do wonders for our poor, tired fingers. And yes, hand cream is for men as well!

6. A hammock:

We love to read just as much (if not more) as we like to write. So, let us do it in style and set us up with a hammock. Ideally, the hammock should be in a shady spot, with a table for food and cocktails close by. To make the gift extra special, volunteer yourself to bring said food and drink at regular intervals. Something like this would be ideal!

Hammock for writers

7. An adventure experience:

Let’s be honest, writers spend a lot of time bent over their desk and not enough time outside. Why not shout the writer in your life an experience, such as a hot air balloon ride, a cooking class, or a hot-lap in a V8? Not only will this get us out of the office, but it may give us an idea for a future novel!

8. A massage:

Speaking of bending over our desks, many writers have developed tight necks and shoulders over the last 12 months. What better way to ease out all the kinks and knots than a beautiful relaxing massage? Put that on your list of ‘gifts for writers’.

9. A ticket to a writer’s workshop:

If the writer in your life is a budding novelist, why not shout them a ticket to a writer’s workshop? Or even better, Fiona McIntosh’s Commercial Fiction Masterclass?* As a recent Masterclass graduate, I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you fork out for this, you will be loved forever.

10. Word games

We love word games — Scrabble, Boggle, Upwords, and online word games too. Most of us have a selection of word games, but there’s a new one that has just joined the gang. “Aussie Scrabble” is the world’s first country-specific Scrabble board, and it will sort out the legends from the drongos. The new game with a twist allows you to play true-blue Aussie slang words for points. Fair dinkum!

Word games for writers

11. Clever Copywriting School Membership*:

If your writer-friend is trying to break out into the world of copywriting, or wants to improve their skills, then buy them a Clever Copywriting School Membership. Joining this community has made an enormous difference to my copywriting business. And I’ve met a bunch of super-nice people as well.

12. A holiday by the sea:

Finally, if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a writer that will benefit the whole family, then book a holiday by the sea. The only pre-requisite is a desk with an ocean view, where your beloved writer can sit and contemplate the world. Just be sure to drag them off to the beach every now and then, though.


Hopefully, that’s given you a few unusual ideas on what buying gifts for writers this Christmas. If you have any other really awesome ideas, please let me know. I’d love to pass them onto my family and friends.

I’m taking a little holiday by the sea myself,  but I’ll be back in mid-January ready to bring you more super-useful blogs. And of course, be available for your 2018 copywriting needs.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Thanks for your support throughout 2017.

See you next year.

* These are my own personal recommendations and I have included them because they are really super cool. I don’t receive a kick-back for promoting them, and nor am I affiliated with them in any way.

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