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How serious are you about building your copywriting business?

Do you only sit down at your desk when you have a pressing deadline? Or do you turn up to work day in and day out, regardless of whether you have paid work?

Let me tell you a little secret…..

When you first start out, you’re very likely to have more unpaid time than paid time in your week.

But if you put that unpaid time to good use, instead of watching Netflix, you’ll soon find that the jobs will start rolling in.

Here are my 6 top things to do to build your business, when clients are scarcer than hen’s teeth.

1. Write your blogs

Do you have good intentions of blogging regularly this year? Well, get a head-start and bang out a few now. Because heaven knows, once the work is coming in, blog writing will take a back seat. Don’t forget many other copywriters have blogs and sometimes look for guest bloggers, so offer to write one.

2. Tweak your website

If you’ve got a website, then tweak it. Read it through and identify things you can improve. Weave in a few more keywords and phrases. Update your images. Don’t have a website? Well, put that task on the top of your list!

3. Learn SEO

Whether you like it or not SEO copywriting is a thing, so you need to learn what it is. Click To Tweet And if you want to attract quality clients, it will pay to know what it is. Read up on it. Enrol in some online courses. Find out all you can, and begin applying it to your own work. Not only will it improve your own SEO ranking, you’ll also be confident when those clients come knocking on your door, wanting you to write SEO copy.

4. Learn from others

Seek out those who seem to be ‘winning’ at the copywriting game. What are they doing that you’re not? Read their blogs. Listen to their podcasts. See if there are any lessons you can apply to your business. (Just don’t plagiarise them, okay?)

5. Network to build your copywriting business

Get off your butt and network. I know it’s not as much fun as sitting on the couch in your PJs eating chocolate all day, but attending networking events, may just land you a few useful industry contacts. You can also find an online community (The Clever Copywriting School is a fabulous one), or contact your local council to get in touch with other local businesses.

6. Chase work

This may sound obvious, but in the early stages (and throughout your copywriting career), you’re going to have to source your own work. Eventually, copywriting clients will seek you out, but until they do, you must do the hard yards. Register with a copywriting or digital agency. Contact the businesses you’d like to work with, trawl through the job ads for copywriting gigs, and even send out cold emails, offering your services. You’ll be surprised where you can find work.

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So, there you are.

6 things that you can do instead of watching Netflix. Which one are you going to do today?

PS Wondering if working freelance is for you? Check out my thoughts here. You may also be interested in 5 ways to establish your copywriting business.


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