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I’m thrilled to announce an exciting change to my copywriting business.

It will now be known as The Melbourne Health Writer!

This is a result of a re-branding effort designed to reflect my core business, and key skills in writing for the health, medical and wellness industries.

Why the change

I established my freelance copywriting business back in 2013. I was new to the freelancing landscape and like most newbies, I was unsure of the direction I wanted to take my business. So, I chose a name that reflected my services, but didn’t limit what I would write about. That name was Write to the Point Communications.

Over the past 5 years, I have worked with some amazing clients and written on a wide variety of topics across a number of different industries. But through it all, the thing I enjoyed writing the most was health and wellness content.

During the last 2 years I have increasingly positioned myself as a health writer because it’s what I love to do. I’m also really good at it! As a result, the majority of my clients are in the health industry and most of my enquiries are from businesses who work in the area of health.

Taking all of that into account, it just made a lot of sense to change my business name to The Melbourne Health Writer.

New logo

In addition to the change in business name, the other major change is to my logo.

The apple, EKG line and stethoscope all serve to indicate that health and medical writing is at the heart of what I do.

  • Apples are often associated with health, wellness and knowledge. My writing always aims to promote good health and empower my readers by providing up-to-date, credible health information, that they can implement in their own lives.

  • As well as being an indication of how healthy your heart is, the EKG line is a reminder to live life to the full, while we can. Healthy living allows us to maximise the number of our years, and the quality of life that we get to live. In order to live your best life, you need quality health information that you can rely on.

  • The stethoscope is one of the most important symbols for medicine. It’s also a powerful symbol of scientific expertise, reflecting the fact that all my health copy is sourced from credible institutions and organisations, and draws upon the latest scientific research.

What does this change mean for you?

In short, changing my business name won’t have any impact upon my current clients, or my future ones — other than to make it really easy for prospective clients looking for quality health copy, to understand that’s what I do.

I have focused on health writing for almost 8 years. And in that time, I have gained:

  • a knowledge of the health and wellness industry

  • a solid understanding of key health concerns facing the Australian population

  • an understanding of how to write for the health and wellness industry

  • an ability to take complex information and express it in a way that the average person can understand

  • highly developed research skills

  • knowledge of where to source up-to-date and accurate health information

  • an ability to read scientific studies and interpret the information.

You’ll also be pleased that I’m constantly developing my skills as a copywriter as a member of The Clever Copywriting School — the home of successful copywriters. This means that I will always deliver the best in copywriting to all my clients.

Which brings me to a question I know some of you will have…

Do I have to be a health client to hire you?


As I mentioned above, I have written for a wide variety of clients for a number of different industries, so even if you’re not in the business of health and wellness, I can still write copy for you.

How to stay in touch

As a result of the re-brand a number of my contact details have changed, so if you’d like to stay in touch, here are all the details.





I also have a new email address: However, my old email address will also work. My phone number — 0414 836 732 is unchanged.

Thank you…

Finally, I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all my clients (past and present) who worked with me at Write to the Point Communications. I will be forever grateful to you all, for supporting me and helping to grow my business.

I hope you’re as excited about the future as I am.

The Melbourne Health Writer

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