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If you’re looking for a confident speaker for your next workshop, conference or podcast, here I am!

Just as I know how to write copy that connects with the reader, I know how to connect with an audience.

I have spoken on podcasts, at conferences and workshops, and on live-streamed business training. I have also run many online training sessions.

I can talk on a range of topics including health and medical writing, AHPRA compliance, connecting with your audience, and the importance of mindset and personal development for business success.

I’m also available to run in-house training on copywriting, and how to comply with AHPRA advertising guidelines.

So, if you’re looking for a speaker who doesn’t shy away from the microphone, get in touch.


“A very experienced writer and presenter.”

Nerissa was engaged to develop and deliver a workshop on Mastering the Art of Health Writing for health professionals. Nerissa worked closely with me before the workshop to fully understand our needs and then developed and facilitated a full-day workshop. The workshop was excellent with attendees rating it very highly and stating they had learnt new skills and gained new knowledge that they can put into practice. Nerissa was very easy to work with and had a depth of knowledge and experience that she was able to provide to participants in an engaging and professional manner.

David Peterson

Principal Consultant, Blood, Organ & Tissue Programs, SA Department for Health and Wellbeing

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I'm Nerissa Bentley

I'm a health communications specialist and I've helped many health institutions, national brands and medical organisations develop credible, thoroughly-researched, easy-to-understand health content. Now I'm ready to help you.

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Podcasts I’ve been on

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The Morning Kick Nerissa Bentley
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Clever copy chats Nerissa Bentley
Julie Parker Podcast

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Topics I can talk about

How to make boring research juicy

  • Why we need research and statistics
  • Where to find the right facts and figures
  • How to make your facts juicy so your readers won’t switch off

The secret to connecting with your audience

  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • How do you know what they need and want?
  • The fail-safe way to connect with them each and every time.

Translating complex medical information

  • How to write medical material that patients will read and understand
  • The one thing you need to keep in mind when writing patient resources
  • How to build trust with your patients

AHPRA compliance

  • Common pitfalls in health marketing
  • 7 things health professionals can’t include on their websites
  • AHPRA compliance traps and how to avoid them

Why ‘dumbing down’ is simply just plain smart

  • Why ‘dumbing down’ content is not dumb at all
  • Why we need simple, plain English in our writing
  • How to write simpler to increase your connection and conversion

Why you need to grow yourself if you want to grow your business

  • Why our personal lives and business lives are never really separate
  • The key things that hold people back from business success
  • How to overcome negative mindsets and habits


My Experience

CopyCon speaker
TCCS presenter Nerissa Bentley
Business Expo Speaker

What they say

“Highly recommended as a presenter.”

I recently got to see Nerissa speak as part of a panel at CopyCon 2022. Nerissa was both generous and honest as she discussed the achievements and challenges of running her own successful business. Her knowledge of the health and medical industry, and in particular APHRA guidelines, shines through. It’s no wonder that she’s a leading writer in this field. I highly recommend her as a presenter and think many health and medical businesses would benefit from having her present to them.

Cathy Camera

Cathy Camera Construction Copywriter

“Great guest and engaging speaker.”

Nerissa came on the Hot Copy podcast to chat about all things medical copywriting. She was a great guest and engaging speaker who made rather complicated concepts easy to understand and interesting to boot! She really shone when talking about AHPRA requirements as we know this can be a real minefield. Nerissa made it seem straightforward and manageable. I loved that we also had a giggle during the interview!

Belinda Weaver

Owner, Copywrite Matters

“Tremendous knowledge imparted with generosity and kindness.”

I attended CopyCon2022 and saw Nerissa Bentley present as part of a panel presentation on health and mindset for freelance copywriters. It was obvious why Nerissa was chosen.

She has tremendous knowledge, imparted with generosity and kindness. Nerissa is a highly engaging speaker and a freelance copywriter at the very top of her field. She speaks with clarity and obvious enthusiasm for her topic. I recommend her as a presenter.

Kate Crocker

Kate Crocker Copywriter

"Nerissa knows the what’s and what nots of medical copywriting."

When it comes to health and medical copywriting, really there are very few people I trust. Nerissa Bentley is one of them.

Knowledgeable, fastidious, detail-oriented, compliant - Nerissa knows the what's and the whatnots of medical copywriting which is vital for health businesses.

She's a confident speaker, affable, patient and organised and has a superpower of turning jargony nonsense into a delicious dose of easy-to-read, patient-friendly copy.

Kate Toon

Founder, Stay Tooned

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