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Worried your website doesn’t comply with AHPRA advertising guidelines?

Gain peace of mind with a Speedy AHPRA Advertising Audit

Comply with AHPRA advertising guidelines

Stop worrying and start advertising with confidence

Your website is one of the most powerful ways to showcase your skills and gain more patients to your practice.

But if your copy doesn’t comply with AHPRA advertising guidelines you could be putting your business at risk of a fine or worse.

Book a Speedy AHPRA Advertising Audit and have peace of mind that your website won’t land you in hot water.

AHPRA-compliance expert

Comprehensive review

Detailed video explanation

Quick and easy

Stop worrying about AHPRA advertising guidelines

Feel confident about your website

If you’re running a busy practice, checking that your website complies with AHPRA advertising guidelines, is a headache you just don’t need.

If you’re like most health practitioners, you’ve probably put it in the ‘too-hard’ basket and are crossing your fingers, hoping you don’t get into trouble.

Unfortunately, all the crossed fingers in the world won’t be enough if you breach the rules.

Fines for non-compliant web copy can be as high as $120,000 per offence!

Plus, you may be restricted from advertising your practice.

And on top of that, you’ll need to spend time (which you don’t have) and money (which you’d rather keep), rewriting your copy to ensure it complies with the guidelines.

But you can relax (and uncross those fingers).

Because my Speedy AHPRA Compliance Check will find anything that may get you into trouble and tell you how to fix it.

“Nerissa has a great understanding of AHPRA regulations and is extremely thorough in the way that she reviews content.” – Focus Osteopathy

Who is it for?

My Speedy AHPRA Advertising Audit is for Australian Health Practitioners regulated by AHPRA, who are unsure whether their web copy complies with AHPRA advertising guidelines.

This includes:

Radiation practitioners

You could pay up to $120,000 for one AHPRA fine or you can have your web copy audited for peace of mind at a fraction of the cost.

How it works 

Buy AHPRA Advertising Audit<br />

Step 1: Buy the Audit

Book and pay for your Speedy AHPRA Advertising Audit through a secure link. You’ll receive an email confirming your booking and asking for your website details.

AHPRA Advertising Audit

Step 2: Site Audit

I review up to 5 pages of your website to check for issues that breach AHPRA advertising guidelines.

Video recording AHPRA Advertising Audit

Step 3: Video recording

I’ll record a video outlining the things that are non-compliant, explain why they break the rules, and tell you exactly what you need to do to fix them.

Amend your advertising

Step 4: Fix your website

You fix your web copy based on my recommendations (or pay me to do it!)

What’s included

The Speedy AHPRA Advertising Audit will look for:

Non-compliant claims about treatment


Anecdotal claims about treatment

Non-compliant discounts or offers

Health claims that lack evidence

Misleading references to specialising


Treatment claims not within scope of profession


Words that are problematic

Non-compliant testimonials

Copy that could be misleading or deceptive

Why I know so much about AHPRA

Once upon a time, I didn’t even know what AHPRA was, let alone what their Advertising guidelines said. But as I began to work with health practitioners, I realised I needed to understand what the AHPRA advertising guidelines said and how they applied to my clients.

I spent hours and hours trawling through the information on AHPRA’s Advertising Hub to work out what I could and couldn’t write for my health practitioner clients. I learned about ‘acceptable evidence’, ‘false and misleading claims’, words you can and can’t use, the rules about patient testimonials, and what titles health practitioners are allowed to use.

I spent so much time immersed in those guidelines, that I became an expert on them.

Now I use my knowledge to help health practitioners like you comply with AHPRA’s advertising guidelines, so you can focus on the business of looking after your patients instead of worrying about your website.

Meet Nerissa Bentley


Wondering what others say about me?

Simon Nawrocki

“Nerissa has a great understanding of AHPRA regulations and is extremely thorough in the way that she reviews content.”

Simon Nawrocki, Director/Osteopath, Focus Osteopathy

Leanne O'Connor

“Nerissa’s knowledge of AHPRA compliance was why I sought her help. Her AHPRA review gave me great peace of mind.”

Leanne O’Connor, Lactation Consultant, Care Lactation

Julie Watts

“I would definitely recommend Nerissa to anyone who needs an AHPRA compliance specialist.”

Julie Watts, Director Design, Development and Digital Operations, Vortala

Joh testimonial

“Your AHPRA checklist is fantastic! Thanks so much for creating this excellent resource.”

Joh Kohler, Copywriter & Marketing Strategist, Compelling Copy

Julie Watts

“Nerissa knows all there is to know about AHPRA compliance.”

Lisa Cropman, Copywriter, The Word Nest

Joh testimonial

“Nerissa’s wealth of knowledge in creating compliant health content is evident.”

Dominic Buchta, Learning and Development Officer, Osteopathy Australia

Julie Watts

“I highly recommend Nerissa for any AHPRA advertisement and review issues.”

Hyun Jin Kim (Steven), Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Bo Wha Oriental Clinic

Your investment

Can you afford NOT to have your web copy checked?

But to sweeten the deal, I’ll also give you my top 3 tips on how to improve your website.

I can’t be fairer than that!


Please note: The Speedy AHPRA Advertising Audit is for 5 standard pages of web copy. If your website is larger than that, please contact me directly for a quote.


payment methods
Got a few questions before you buy? Get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?

What is AHPRA?

AHPRA stands for The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. AHPRA’s primary role is to protect the public and set standards and policies that all registered health practitioners must meet. They work with 15 National Health Practitioner Boards to do this.

Part of their work is to ensure that advertising regulated health services is compliant with legislation and guidelines. These have been developed to ensure that consumers are not mislead by false, misleading and deceptive health claims, and instead, are able to make informed, accurate decisions about their health treatment.

Who is responsible for advertising?

Health practitioners are responsible for their own advertising – even if they get someone else to right their copy. That’s why it’s important to understand the legislation and ensure that all of your advertising is compliant. Every time you renew your registration, you will need to sign a declaration stating that your advertising complies with AHPRA guidelines.

Can I check for compliancy myself?

Of course, you can! However, many health practitioners find that the information on the AHPRA website can be hard to find and confusing.

And trying to add this important job to an already crammed schedule…well, it usually gets pushed to the bottom of the list.

But not being fully aware of the guidelines, or being ‘too busy’ to work them out, is no excuse if you’re found to have non-compliant information on your website or other patient communications.

What happens if I'm not compliant?

In short, you can get a BIG fine —  as much as $60,000 per offence for an individual and $120,000 per offence for a body corporate, and possible imprisonment, depending upon which part of the legislation you breach. Your registration may also be restricted which may affect your ability to practice.

Can you write my whole website?

Yes! My AHPRA-compliant web packages have been developed specifically for health practitioners in Australia who are regulated by AHPRA. Get in touch if you have any questions. 

Finally, stop worrying about AHPRA compliance

Imagine not having to worry if your website complies with AHPRA advertising guidelines.

A website to be proud of

The fine print

The Speedy AHPRA Advertising Audit is non-refundable.

The audit is for 5 pages of web content only. Unpublished client testimonials that need reviewing are classified as a web page. Any extra pages will attract an extra fee. Please contact me directly to discuss.

If you need me to source credible reference studies for your site, this will attract an extra fee. Please contact me directly to discuss.

The Speedy AHPRA Advertising Audit will be completed within 7 business days of payment being received.

The fee for the Speedy AHPRA Advertising Audit does not include re-writing or amending non-compliant issues. A cost to do this can be provided upon request.