Tone of Voice (TOV) guidelines

Do you wish your clients understood your business?

Want to communicate clearer and more consistently?

Do you want to ensure that all your communications are in line with your brand and your values?

You need me to help you define your Tone of Voice guidelines.

What is your Tone of Voice?

Ever heard the phrase “It’s not what you say but how you say it”?

That pretty much sums your your business Tone of Voice. It’s how the character of your business is expressed through the words you write and say – from answering the phone, sending an email, to writing business letters, and even the copy on your website.

Every time you communicate with your clients or patients is an opportunity to express your business’s principles and personality.

A TOV document captures what your business stands for, so that anyone representing your business knows how to communicate in a way that promotes your brand.

Tone of Voice helps you relate to your patients. It ensures greater clarity and consistency to your messages. This helps your patients understand who you are, what you stand for, and how you care for them. In short, it builds trust in your brand.

Your TOV forms a vital part in developing all your marketing material including your marketing strategy, website, email correspondence, and patient resources.

What’s included?

All TOV guidelines include:

  • your vision/mission
  • your brand
  • voice guidelines
  • your brand principles
  • your brand personality
  • customer avatars
  • Style Guide
  • plus bonus ‘Writing Checklist’.

Benefits of having TOV guidelines

Once we’ve developed your TOV I can:

  • help you develop a blogging plan that’s aligned with your patients’ needs and your business goals.
  • produce regular emails for your clients and patients.
  • help you re-structure your website so your customers can find what they need quickly.
  • write your web copy to help you climb the ranks of Google.
  • write blogs, health copy and patient resources that will strengthen your brand.

“We are delighted with Nerissa’s copy which conveys the essence of our brand.”

We have just developed a new website from scratch, and Nerissa worked very closely with our business and web development teams to produce the content.

Nerissa took the time to understand our brand properly and what we were aiming to convey through several phone calls and by reading material we provided.

Nerissa was professional, efficient and understood exactly what we required.

Nerissa met all the deadlines and was very responsive in turning the draft into the final document.

She was able to bring our ideas to life and clearly convey some difficult concepts.

Nerissa is very bright, business-savvy and quick at coming up with content solutions.

She was also flexible in terms of writing extra copy which we had not initially asked for.

We were delighted with Nerissa’s copy – which conveys the essence of our brand very well – and I would recommend her highly.

Ronnie Oliech

Director, Imani Tribe

“Great communicator. Easy to work with.”

Nerissa is a great communicator and easy to work with. She was super at following up and keeping the project to the timeline.

Laura McCarthy

Marketing & Communications Manager, Global Health

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