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Web design is great but it’s the words on your website that bring clients to you. Unless your website can be found by the Google-gods, you’re not going to get many visitors. And if your copy is badly written, any visitors you get won’t hang around for long.

That’s where I come in. I write SEO-optimised web content for your health website, focusing around your keywords, so search engines (and everyone using them) can find you.

However, when it comes to websites, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Each website needs  individually tailored web copy, that is search-engine friendly, and compelling to your clients.

Whether your business, is small, medium, or large, I have a web copywriting package to suit you.

Every package includes:

  • Briefing time (up to 60 minutes — either by Skype, phone or email)

  • Researching your industry and competitors

  • Advice on how to structure your site

  • SEO-optimised copy, including meta tags and descriptions

  • 2 rounds of revisions (to be completed within 14 days of first draft completion)

  • 1 round of proofreading.

Copy is provided in a copydeck format which can be sent directly to your web developer.

Of course, if your web project is smaller, or larger than the packages below, I can quote based on your needs.

Quote is for web copy only, not web design.
Prices are all inclusive (e.g. no pesky GST will be added)

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I'm Nerissa Bentley

I'm a health communications specialist and I've helped many small businesses, health institutions and national brands develop credible, thoroughly-researched, easy-to-understand health content. Now I'm ready to help you.

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