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Web design is great but it’s the words on your website that bring clients to you. Unless your website can be found by Google, you’re not going to get many visitors. And if your copy is badly written, any visitors you get won’t hang around for long.

That’s where I come in. I write SEO-optimised web content for your health or medical website, focusing around your keywords, so search engines (and everyone using them) can find you.

However, when it comes to websites, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Each website needs  individually tailored web copy, that is search-engine friendly, and compelling to your clients.

Whether your business, is small, medium, or large, I can improve the health of your website, so your ideal clients can find you.

Why choose me?

Trained SEO Copywriter

  • I’m trained in SEO copywriting, which means I can help you with keyword research and write SEO-optimised copy that not only speaks to your target audience, but Google as well. In other words, the copy I write will help you climb the Google rankings. You can read about how I climbed to the top of Google, using the same techniques I’ll use on your website.
  • I’ve written for peak health organisations and global companies including The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, Macular Disease Foundation Australia, TerryWhite Chemmart, Bupa, Carers Australia and many more. I’ve also written for small and medium sized businesses.
  • I deliver high-quality work, can make complex topics easy to understand, am reliable, easy to work with and will meet your deadlines.


What you get

Every package includes:

  • A detailed briefing questionnaire
  • Up to 60 minutes of one-on-one briefing time
  • Research of two of your industry and competitors
  • Site information architecture advice
  • Tone and formatting guidelines for this, and future projects
  • Up to 500 words of SEO-optimised copy, per page
  • Title and meta descriptions
  • 2 rounds of revisions, to make sure your copy is just right
  • 1 round of proofreading, to ensure error-free copy.

Copy is provided in a Copy Deck format which can be sent directly to your web developer.

“Excellent web copy. Highly recommended.”

Nerissa comes highly recommended. Excellent web copy developed within the specified time frame and with zero issues. Well done Nerissa, and thank you again for your help.

Dr Michael Hogden

Opthalmologist, Retina Consult

What it costs

The costings below are for Small Business Web packages. These are only available to smaller established businesses (operating for two years or more). However, due to my workload, I can only offer two Small Business Web packages per month. If you want to grab your package at the special price, contact me TODAY.

Please note, projects that require extra research will cost more. Additional web pages will be charged at $497 per page.

*Please note that 10% GST will be added to the prices listed below.


Optional extras:

SEO Keyword research –  starting at $450 (+GST)

Your SEO strategy won’t work unless you’re targeting the right words. I conduct the necessary research to determine which keywords or phrases will help you rank in Google. Each report includes:

  • Recommended keywords to target
  • Details of current search volume for each keyword
  • How easy it will be to rank for these keywords or phrases
  • Which website currently ranks #1 for each keyword or phrase

Brand Voice Guidebook – starting at $2,900 (+GST)

A curated document capturing what your business stands for to ensure greater clarity and consistency to your brand, All TOV guidelines include:

  • your vision/mission
  • your brand + USP
  • voice guidelines
  • your brand principles
  • your brand personality
  • customer avatars
  • Style Guide
  • plus bonus ‘Writing Checklist’.


“Professional, efficient and highly skilled. Highly recommended.”

We recently engaged Nerissa Bentley to assist with rewriting the content for our website. We chose Nerissa because of her experience in health, her prompt response to queries and excellent communication. We found working with Nerissa to be a great experience, she is professional, efficient and highly skilled at what she does. Nerissa is an excellent copywriter who we recommend highly.

Dr Julia Rhodes

CEO, Consentic

Frequently asked questions

Why do you charge less for small businesses than you do for corporates?

Working with small businesses is usually a lot quicker and easier because I’m working directly with the business owner. Corporations usually require more briefing time, more discussion time and more revisions – usually with multiple people. Some larger health organisations also need to get approval from medical boards, or may even involve user-group testing. This makes the process more complex and takes longer.

How long does it take?

Usually, I can get a first draft of a 5-page website done in a week, after the briefing and discussion process is complete. We then have 14 days to make revisions and polish the copy.

Why is keyword research extra?

Some clients come to me with keyword research already done, so it’s not really fair to charge them for a service they don’t need. Researching the right short- and long-tail keywords for your website is a skill that takes time.

What is a TOV and why do I need one?

TOV builds customer trust, strengthens your brand, showcases your brand values and helps you build connections with your customers. It also makes writing your web copy (and any other copy) much easier and quicker. All successful businesses invest in developing professional TOV Guidelines and can spend tens of thousands of dollars developing them.

How do I get started?

Head on over to my contact page to send me a message about which package you want. I’ll then get back to you and we can start the briefing process. Please note, that I require 50% of the fee upfront, before I start writing.

It was great working with Nerissa.  She asked relevant questions at the start, so that she could develop appropriate content that spoke to the target audience. She was able to distill complex material to make it easy to understand and structured the content clearly and logically. Since completing the project, Nerissa has started another project within my organisation. I will use her services again without hesitation.
Tammy Wolffs

NDIS Project Manager, Carers Australia

Nerissa from the Melbourne Health Writer has been simply AMAZING!

I have worked with other copywriters before, but Nerissa has shown true professionalism on my project. I could tell that she took the time to understand my business and the business needs.

Nerissa is now considered part of our team and I look forward to working with her in the years to come.

Alex Fisher

Naturopath and Founder, AF Health

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