AHPRA-compliant websites

AHPRA-compliant websites for health practitioners

If you’re an Australian health practitioner, you know that your website must work hard for you and tick lots of boxes:

    1. can be found on Google (i.e SEO-optimised)
    2. clearly outlines what you do and how you help your patients
    3. easy for users to navigate
    4. encourages users to book appointments
    5. contains credible, easy-to-read, useful health information
    6. complies with AHPRA Advertising Guidelines!

Most great copywriters trained in writing SEO-optimised copy can help you out with the first 4 things.

If you want patient-friendly copy without the complex jargon and medical gobbledygook, you need an experienced health writer who also knows how to write for Google.

But who can write web copy that is patient-friendly, brings new patients to your practice AND complies with AHPRA Advertising Guidelines?


Why you need an AHPRA compliance health writer

If you’re a registered health practitioner in Australia, you know you need to comply with AHPRA’s Advertising Guidelines.

If you fail to meet these Guidelines you could be fined up to $120,000! 

Unfortunately, these can be hard to understand.

And when you’re busy running a practice and treating patients, you just don’t have time to navigate these guidelines AND check that your advertising complies.

That’s where I can help.

Not only can I write web copy that is found on Google, and connects with your ideal patients, I ensure that it complies with AHPRA’s Advertising Guidelines.

The result?

An AHPRA-compliant website that does that hard work for you plus total peace of mind that you’re not in danger of breaching those guidelines.

“Excellent web copy. Highly recommended.”

Nerissa comes highly recommended. Excellent web copy developed within the specified time frame and with zero issues. Well done Nerissa, and thank you again for your help.

Dr Michael Hogden

Opthalmologist, Retina Consult

9 reasons to work with me

1. I’m an experienced health and medical copywriter, so understand how to connect with patients and the wider community.

2. I’m trained in SEO copywriting, which means I can write SEO-optimised copy that not only speaks to your target audience but Google as well. In other words, the copy I write will help you climb the Google rankings. You can read about how I climbed to the top of Google, using the same techniques I’ll use on your website.

3. I’ve written for peak health organisations and global companies including The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, Macular Disease Foundation Australia, TerryWhite Chemmart, Bupa, Carers Australia and many more. I’ve also written for many individual health practitioners.

4. I have a thorough understanding of AHPRA’s Advertising Guidelines and know how to write credible, compliant copy.

5. I can provide advice about the structure of your website based on best-practice to enhance user experience.AHPRA-compliance health writer

6. I can write about various health conditions, which will help you provide further value to your patients.

7. I can find the right keywords that help bring your ideal patients right to your website.

8. I can create powerful, AHPRA-compliant copy to turn website visitors into loyal patients.

9. I deliver high-quality work, can make complex topics easy to understand, am reliable, easy to work with and will meet your deadlines.

What you get

Every package includes:

    • A detailed briefing questionnaire
    • Up to 60 minutes of one-on-one briefing time
    • Research of two of your industry and competitors
    • Site information architecture advice (i.e. advice on how to structure your website)
    • Suggestions for images to include on your website
    • AHPRA-compliant web copy
    • Tone and formatting guidelines for this, and future projects
    • Up to 600 words of SEO-optimised copy, per page
    • Title and meta descriptions
    • 2 rounds of FREE revisions, to make sure your copy is just right
    • 1 round of FREE proofreading, to ensure error-free copy.

Copy is provided in a Copy Deck format which can be sent directly to your web developer.

Your investment

There are three packages to choose from — each one designed specifically for Australian health practitioners. Simply choose the package that suits you best. To grab your package, contact me TODAY.

Please note, projects that require extra research will cost more, as will websites for large organisations and companies.

Additional web pages will be charged at $497 per page.

*Please note that 10% GST will be added to the prices listed below.

“Amazing to work with.”

I am highly thankful to Nerissa for helping me overhaul my website copy, as well as developing engaging content for my patients. Nerissa worked hard to find the right keywords on each page and helped me undertake valuable market research. She also gave me helpful suggestions that I could immediately implement to improve my website SEO.

She made the whole process a breeze with recorded instructional videos that I could play back in my own time which helped guide me through her suggestions and thought processes. Her style of health writing was exactly what I had in mind that I could not put on paper myself. I found Nerissa to be amazing to work with and I highly recommend her at the Melbourne Health Writer to anyone in need of medical health writing.

Dr Abbas Din

Director/Osteopath, Doctors of Osteo

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Optional extras:

SEO Keyword research –  starting at $450 (+GST)

Your SEO strategy won’t work unless you’re targeting the right words. I conduct the necessary research to determine which keywords or phrases will help you rank in Google. Each report includes:

  • Recommended keywords to target
  • Details of current search volume for each keyword
  • How easy it will be to rank for these keywords or phrases
  • Which website currently ranks #1 for each keyword or phrase

Tone of Voice Guidelines (Brand Voice Guidebook) – starting at $2,900 (+GST)

A curated document capturing what your business stands for to ensure greater clarity and consistency to your brand, All TOV guidelines include:

  • your vision/mission
  • your brand + USP
  • voice guidelines
  • your brand principles
  • your brand personality
  • customer avatars
  • Style Guide
  • plus bonus ‘Writing Checklist’.

Read more about Tone of Voice Guidelines.

“Nerissa has a great understanding of AHPRA regulations.”

Working with The Melbourne Health Writer has been a real pleasure. Nerissa has a great understanding of AHPRA regulations and is extremely thorough in the way that she reviews content. Communication was excellent and I will have no hesitation in using Nerissa’s services again in the future.

Simon Nawrocki

Director/Osteopath, Focus Osteopathy

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Frequently asked questions

I'm not a health practitioner. Can you still write my copy?

Of course! The packages above are designed specifically for health practitioners, but I also work with large organisations and companies. Simply contact me and I can provide a specific quote for your web project.

Why do you charge less for health practitioners than you do for corporates?

Working with small businesses is usually a lot quicker and easier because I’m working directly with the business owner. Corporations usually require more briefing time, more discussion time and more revisions – usually with multiple people. Some larger health organisations also need to get approval from medical boards, or may even involve user-group testing. This makes the process more complex and takes longer.

How long does it take?

Usually, I can get a first draft of a 5-page website done in a week, after the briefing and discussion process is complete. We then have 14 days to make revisions and polish the copy. The total turnaround time is usually 3-4 weeks.

Why is keyword research extra?
Some clients come to me with keyword research already done, so it’s not really fair to charge them for a service they don’t need. Researching the right short- and long-tail keywords for your website is a skill that takes time.
What is a TOV and why do I need one?
TOV builds customer trust, strengthens your brand, showcases your brand values and helps you build connections with your customers. It also makes writing your web copy (and any other copy) much easier and quicker. All successful businesses invest in developing professional TOV Guidelines and can spend tens of thousands of dollars developing them.
Can I see samples of other websites you've written?

Yes, you can! Samples of other web projects can be found here. You may also like to read some case studies.

I don't have a web design yet. Can you still write my copy?

Absolutely. Often the web copy informs the design of the website. My services include suggestions for the structure of your website, as well as visuals such as images, icons and contact forms.

I already have a web design. Can you still write my copy?

Yes. I often work with clients in conjunction with their web developers. If you show me your design, I can write copy to suit.

How do I get started?

Head on over to my contact page to send me a message about which package you want. I’ll then get back to you and we can start the briefing process. Please note, that I require 50% of the fee upfront, before I start writing.

“Listens to her clients and can adapt her voice to suit the project.”

I would highly recommend Nerissa for your next project. As a private counsellor seeking to upgrade my website and attract traffic, she listened well to my needs and wants, and was able to deliver quality writing well within our timeframes and deadlines.

Melissa Ke

Private Counsellor, Prosperous Life Consultancy

“Fantastic to work with.”

This is the second time I’ve worked with Nerissa and it was so great having her help with SEO and copywriting. Her attention to detail is superb and I am so happy with the final copy. Thank you, Nerissa!

Dr Zoe King

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Woollongong Acupuncture

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