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A year ago I was writing a blog post about what I learned at CopyCon18.

It was a post that featured 7 things I learned from the speakers — things like how I could improve my business processes, how to embrace disruptive technology and how to deal with difficult clients.

A year on, my business and mindset are very different.

I went to CopyCon19, the Copywriting Conference run by the Clever Copywriting School, expecting to come away with a note-pad filled with things that I could implement into my business straight away.

However, the most important things I learned came from reflecting over my past year, rather than focusing on what I wanted to learn this year.

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CopyCon 19 - the copywriting conference

The speakers taught me…

…That my business and my mindset has grown a lot over the past 12 months.

Last year I took pages and pages of notes and committed to gaining more knowledge so I could put together an action plan to grow my business.

This year however, I found myself nodding in agreement with many of the speakers, as I realised that I already did a lot of the things they spoke about.

Don’t get me wrong. I did learn lots from the wonderful array of speakers – some of them award-winning writers – and the more in-depth Mastermind class. Some of these things included:

  • The importance of building a brand that is recognisable
  • How to define your X-Factor — the thing that makes you stand out from the rest — and how to weave that into your brand.
  • All about taglines and the difference between good ones and bad ones
  • Some of the psychology behind writing copy that will convert
  • How I can continue to scale and improve my processes so that both myself and my clients benefit.

However, the biggest lessons were around how I felt about my business and where it’s currently at.

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Highly skilled health and medical copywriter

My observations taught me…

…That I’m really good at what I do, and I’m confident in my abilities and skills.

This year two presentations really made an impact on me.

The first was Robert Gerrish talking about ‘imposter syndrome’, which can manifest itself in many forms.

Imposter syndrome can wreak havoc on a business. Even the most talented, superb copywriter won’t be able to deliver their best work if they continually doubt themselves or question if they can complete a project successfully. They’ll also avoid saying ‘yes’ to projects that will help them grow in their skills and their business.

The second was Kate Toon who discussed how mindset plays a really important role in how successful your business is.

These two presentations showed me how developing my mindset has enabled me to continue growing my business, and deliver quality copy to my clients.

I now know how I want my business to grow, the kinds of clients that I want to work with, and the type of work I want to do.

Knowing what I want, and what my strengths are, means that I don’t doubt myself anymore. It means that I say ‘yes’ to projects based on my expertise, my interests and how it fits in with my business.

It also means I have the confidence to say ‘no’ to projects that aren’t in my skillset, or don’t float my boat.

Instead, I put my heart, soul and focus into writing quality health, medical and wellness copy that helps my clients serve their customers by providing them with high-quality health information.

And I really rock at doing this.

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Health and medical copywriter

Speaking on stage taught me…

…That I know a lot about writing for the health and medical sector, and I really love what I do.

One of the sessions at CopyCon was about niching. I took part in this panel discussion along with Donna Webeck from Prestige Property Copy,  and Rachel Alt at Alternate Words.

We talked about the benefits of niching, how it had helped our business, and more importantly, how it makes life better for our clients.

Through sharing my experience on stage, I saw that I really do know a lot about writing for the health industry, as well as what my clients are looking for.

I know how to source credible information, how to write it in a way that empowers everyday Australians to make positive changes to their health. And I know how to help businesses build their authority and credibility by providing only the most accurate, up-to-date health information.

I also love what I do.

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Award-winning health writer

Winning an award taught me…

…That I love helping others.

This year, I was honoured to win The Clever Copywriting School Member of the Year Award. (Does that make me an award-winning health writer??)

This award wasn’t for writing amazing copy. Instead, it was an award that was voted by my peers (or in another world, my competitors) — fellow copywriters who are also working in their own businesses.

Instead of being awarded for writing scintillating copy, I was awarded for being helpful, inspiring and embodying the spirit of our group. In short, it was an award for being an awesome human being. It was quite a lovely award to win.

While receiving the award was amazing — I got a trophy AND a tiara — the biggest reward for me is actually helping other people.

I like to help fellow copywriters with a word or two of encouragement or advice.

I like to help other writers think outside of the square so they can grow their businesses like I’ve grown mine.

And I love to help my clients by:

  • Making their life easier by having someone they can rely on to deliver excellent copy on time
  • Helping them build their brand reputation by writing authoritative copy for their websites, blogs or newsletters
  • Enabling them to help their clients by writing high-quality health information that’s reliable and easy to understand.

Conferences are a great way to continue learning and growing but they also provide an excellent opportunity to check in and see if you’re on the right track with your business.

I’m happy to say I am.

When you're on track with your business, you'll be happy in your business, and that's when you deliver more to your clients. Share on X

Highly skilled health and medical copywriter

If you’re ready to hire an (award-winning) health writer who is confident, believes in what she does, is good at what she does, and is genuinely interested in helping you, please contact me.


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